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WordPress Function Documentation Progress

Roadmap of WP-Includes Inline Documentation

A followup to the earlier post on unfinished functions to write how I’m going to document the files based off of the information in that post.

Finished Files

These files have been finished since the last post. There are only 18 more files to complete before the entire wp-includes folder is documented!

  1. l10n.php
  2. pluggable.php
  3. kses.php
  4. locale.php

Must Finish Before WordPress 2.5

I want to get these done as soon as possible and at least before WordPress 2.5 is released. Not sure if any of these files will be done in any particular order as listed. Probably just whatever falls in this list and that I feel like documenting.

  1. user.php (9 functions left)
  2. comment.php (Already started: 20 functions left)
  3. cron.php (also need a post on how to use it. 13 functions left)
  4. category.php (15 functions left)
  5. script-loader.php
  6. feed.php
  7. wpdb.php (10 functions left. File has incomplete new methods which require documentation.)

Must Finish Before WordPress 2.6

If I can’t get finish these before WordPress 2.5, then I hope to get them in before WordPress 2.6. Probably doing a lot of work during the Summer. It will be cutting the work close to the deadline for getting these in to WordPress 2.6, if I wait until last half of May.

  1. category-template.php
  2. capabilities.php
  3. query.php
  4. post-template.php
  5. link-template.php
  6. post.php (not everything perhaps, but a lot more finished, it is already started)

Must Finish Before WordPress 2.7

These will probably be finished either before WordPress 2.6 or during the time that the WordPress wp-admin/includes files are started to be documented. These are long files with a lot of documented functions and elements. They will take many hours to document each, so they’ll most likely be worked on over the course of an entire version.

There aren’t that many files and hopefully the functions when they are finished will be committed. In that way, at least some of the work will benefit users while the work is continued. It is the way that the taxonomy.php file was handled and it took quite a while to document that file (not because of time but because of motivation).

  1. formatting.php
  2. functions.php
  3. general-template.php
  4. post.php
  5. theme.php
  6. widgets.php
  7. classes.php

After the wp-includes folder is finished with complete inline documentation, it will be time to work on wp-admin/includes/, and perhaps the rest of the wp-admin folder for as many inline documentation worthy items as possible. After that, it will be time to help with the effort to write test cases for the WordPress library to ensure quality.

As an Aside

I hope to continue the Developer Manual work for as long as possible leading up to WordPress 2.5 and beyond to WordPress 2.6. Eventually, at some point I’m going to have to write some User Manual posts to eventually add to the codex. After that, I’ll have to package everything up and post the full contents of those posts to the codex for everyone else to edit and enjoy.

At my current rate, I should have a lot of content before WordPress 2.5 is completed. I should note that I don’t feel obligated to post every day and since I have school now, if I can’t write enough posts on the weekends, there will be times when I won’t have enough posts to last until the next weekend. Usually, I just drain all of the information from my head until I have nothing left.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my posts!


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