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WordPress Function Documentation Progress

Amount of Unfinished functions in WordPress Files

The list only includes the unfinished files in the wp-includes folder. On deciding which files to do first, I think finishing the ones with shorter list of unfinished functions helps. When people dive into the source, I want them to view as many files with comments as possible to know that the effort is on going.

  • capabilities.php

    5 functions.
    5 properties.
    26 methods.
    3 classes.

  • category.php – 16 functions.
  • category-template.php – 21 functions.
  • classes.php – Mostly methods, properties, and classes. Will do as one of the last files to complete.
  • comment.php – 32 functions.
  • cron.php

    13 functions.

    The API will be difficult to document given the complexity of how the functions are used. However, this will raise the priority since the Cron API is one of the little known API and any help would be beneficial to confused users. I’ll also most likely post a tutorial once I’ve finished documenting the functions.

  • feed.php – 20 functions.
  • formatting.php

    54 functions.

    Given the amount of functions it will most likely be worked on in stages, much like the taxonomy API was. However, most of the functions will only need short descriptions which will decrease the amount of time needed to fully document the code. The longest and most difficult parts of documentation is the long descriptions.

  • functions.php

    80 functions.

    Again, one of the largest files with a lot of functions. It has functions which will be a little bit more difficult to do and a lot of trac patches are against that file, so it would break a lot of current patches to document the file. The comment for formatting.php also applies to this file.

    Some functions are already documented, so the count is actually lower.

  • general-template.php

    48 functions.

    Most of the functions only require short descriptions so the file will most likely be done in stages with the functions which only require short descriptions being done first. Then moving on to the harder and lesser amount of functions needing long descriptions.

  • l10n.php – 10 functions.
  • link-template.php – 38 functions.
  • locale.php

    10 methods.

    1 class.
    8 properties.

  • pluggable.php – 35 functions.
  • post.php – 71 functions.
  • post-template.php – 27 functions.
  • query.php –
  • script-loader.php

    13 methods.
    11 properties.
    6 functions.
    2 classes.

  • theme.php – 41 functions.
  • user.php – 12 functions.
  • widgets.php – 54 functions.

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