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It would have helped to have read the database table scheme before writing the Taxonomy API documentation. Several really confusing concepts became clear after looking at the table structures for 20 minutes. Looking at the code, it is more like, “WTF? This is some seriously complex code? What does object ID mean?”

The context of it all, well, if I knew what I do now, I probably would have put in some more asides in the documentation. However, I do feel that whatever I would put in the function documentation, could better be placed on the codex for others to correct and modify. The documentation is seriously lacking on the context of how you could use something as complex as the Taxonomy API.

None of the code in the Taxonomy is mine, so I don’t really feel that I have enough karma to write about it at this time. Doesn’t mean I won’t try, just means that I’ll probably be incorrect or vague in a lot of places.

Pretty much in the same situation going over the WordPress Cron API. That is heavy and could seriously use a codex page or two. I’m a little bit more familiar with the Cron API, so the documentation should be better, however I’m not ready to start writing it.

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