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I have a confession. If I could get the function documentation template into WordPress 2.4, then I’ll be super happy. However, I do recognize that doing so would make the documentation super ugly. Who wants to see, “Please document me?” or “This function is undocumented!”

After looking at the current files that have that scattered throughout most of the files, I can say it is better to not have anything than to have that out in the open. “Ha ha, WordPress can’t even get its documentation right!” No, that isn’t it at all.

The purpose of the current patches with the templates is so that others who wish to join in with the documentation effort can have a template for which to fill in the missing pieces. It is all well and good reading the WordPress Inline Documentation page, but really it slows down the process when you have to type all of the text manually.

I know, I did it for most of the taxonomy. I would rather be skinned alive thank you. However I made it through and it had its moments were it was quite fun. At the end, I just figured it was best to just finish it and call it done. The reason for the break was that I didn’t want to short the documentation just because I hated looking at it.

Did I mention I hated writing documentation? I totally do, but I’ve sinned in a past life and I’m looking for redemption. If the pain is a small price to pay, then I’m all for meeting the Programming God with a smile and with examples that I did some good.

Truthfully, if it wasn’t for all of the times I’ve left documentation out of my code, I’ll probably would never had paid any attention to the current plight that exists with the lack of source documentation for functions.

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