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Codex Documentation for Deprecated Function and File Hooks

I put this together after Peter Westwood announced on his blog about the commit of the deprecated functions and their hooks.

The functions are run for any function that resides in wp-includes/deprecated.php and will not report for any other deprecated function not in that file. There are also two files in wp-includes folder that are deprecated and will give a notice.

Most users won’t notice this however, since the notices won’t be shown unless WP_DEBUG constant exists and is set to true. Most installations and current WordPress versions don’t have that set by default, so the majority of users won’t see anything. Which is stated on the codex page.

I have a problem however with the name of the page and therefore the location. I wish that the name was better, but there is already a page linking to it, so I’m currently too lazy at this point to change the location. I’m also not sure what a better name would be.

It needs more code snippets and I would have added them, but after writing and spending that much time. I decided that placing working or semi-working code snippets would be better left to plugin authors.

To be honest, I didn’t fully agree with the enhancement in the first place. However, the code Westi put in is super sweet and hopefully should allow for further notices to theme and plugin authors that they are using functions or files they should not be using in a future version of their plugin or theme. If a user is interested in whether or not their plugin or theme is using a function or file that may soon disappear and breaking their site, they may follow the instructions to enable WP_DEBUG for WordPress 2.4.

Well, since WordPress 2.4 isn’t released yet, there isn’t much reason for explanation. I suspect more documentation will be written for WordPress 2.4. The current page is just a jump start for any plugin authors who are interested in Peter’s post and want more information. As a co-author of the patch, I was very happy in providing documentation, both source and codex on more information.

As an aside, it is completely possible for a plugin author to also use the functions on their own themes and plugins to allow anyone that might use their code for their own plugin or theme that the function or file is deprecated. The functions are documented as private however, so purists will hate you if you do so.

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